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Unusual Ways To Have A Unique Wedding That Everyone Remembers

Are you getting hitched this year? Congratulations, you are on the right platform then! So, if you are gearing up for making your big fat Indian wedding an affair to remember, then here are some of the special tips for you. These fun ideas will make sure that your wedding is ‘hatke’ from everyone else’s . Here are some exciting ideas for making the wedding as special as you are.

Serve beverages in style

Forget the old idea of an open bar; shake things up with this exciting new idea. Fill up water dispenser barrels with cocktails and let your guests help themselves. Sounds fun?

A welcome gift

Change the game by preparing small gift packs for your guests. You can put mementos with personalized quotes that will help them in remembering your beautiful day. Also, it will make your guests feel very special.

Thoughtful child care

Often the adults in your guest list hold themselves back from enjoying as their kids accompany them. A simple effort of hiring few babysitters along with a designated area for kids will help you in managing the party in a much better manner. Also, the fun-loving parents will certainly appreciate your effort.

Personalized cards

Sending wedding invitations by post or email is much-practiced today. However, let’s face the fact that they lack the charm of personal touch. Hire wedding card invitation service providers who will design a special customized card for your wedding and also deliver it to the guests. This is one of the sweetest ways to invite someone to join your big day.

Photo studio

Let your guests keep the memento of their wonderful memory. Setting up a photo booth will give you the chance to create some inimitable memories.

These are some of the unusual ways to add sparkle to your wedding. Let us know which one are you definitely using at your wedding!

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