Indian wedding invites

5 Distinctive Invites That Can Make Your Wedding Special

There was a time when the Indian wedding invites were all about cards made out of simple paper usually delivered by post or by yourself. However, the times are changing and that calls for a shift in every aspect of the invitation regarding the wedding. To start with, you can now hire the service where you can get unique cards that will be personally delivered to your guests to maintain the aspect of personalization. This blog is not about such service but the distinctive card ideas that can make your wedding fun.

wedding invite

The CD card

It is a CD that has details printed on the top with a beautiful film to play. Your guests can actually be a part of the happiness you are feeling before they physically attend your wedding. Isn’t it simply amazing?

Doodle it away

If you want your childish side to show too then this is the best option for your wedding card. Be colorful and creative by using the doodle cards that certainly will make your guests smile. Moreover, with such a unique invitation card they will surely remember your wedding forever.

Indian wedding invites

PC – @anonymous

Filmy way

If you and your partner both love the filmy world then what can be a better way than indulging yourself in a Bollywood or Hollywood styled card? Design the card in shape of a film poster to give it a dramatic effect.

The artistic way

Have you ever thought of sending a gift to your invitees in form of your card? Well, you can merge the two ideas to create something stunning. Send them a set of usable items like mats or coasters where the box contains the details about your wedding.

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PC – @Anonymous

Traditional way

Select the cards that are fully designed in a traditional way, if that is what you desire. You will get numerous options from which you can pick the one you like best.


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