Increase The Fun Aspect Of Your Party With These Non-Traditional Invitation Cards

Are you gearing up for Delivering Invitations? It does seem like a tough job and the reality is no different. However, there is a smart solution that can help you with inviting people without any hassle. There is a specialized service provider who helps in delivering invitations for your weddings or corporate parties. The best part is that they make sure to add a personal touch while delivering. However, this blog is a look at the fun ways of inviting that you can use during any event. They will give you the best ideas for your next party. Are you ready to know?

3D Invite

Be it a wedding card, party invitation, or corporate event, this card type suits all. It is a fun use of technology that will also present your invitees with a sweet surprise. The cards will accompany 3D glasses through which the detailed message of the party will become apparent to everyone. So, for which party will you try this kind of card?

Scavenger hunt

This is more of a party card or fun corporate card rather than wedding or serious invitation. In this, the card acts as a map that finally leads to a treasure. This will engage your guests through the treasure hunt long before they actually reach the party. Not to mention that this small game will keep their interest intact when they know that the treasure will be at the party.


Handkerchief invite

Sounds silly? It is actually an immense fun way to invite your guests. However, it is more apt for a wedding or other informal parties than corporate events.

Pop up card

The corporate events of the present time are also taking much informal tone when it comes to the invitation. So, a pop-up card can fit that occasion too beside others. A little fun never hurts.


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