We live in an era of technological revolution where getting messages to people is fast and easy. Gone are those days when a message would take days to reach the person. This digital age makes things happen with just a click of a button.

With such advancements, do physical invites still remain relevant?

Well, here are some reasons why sending traditional paper invite is still considered one of the best way to invite your loved ones on your special day.


It makes your loved ones feel special

A physical invite is all about that special personal touch. When Mr Malhotra and his wife sent us that beautiful gold engraved invite for their daughter’s wedding, did it not just make us feel valued and special? Well it absolutely did.

Opening those beautiful invites, feeling the engraved letters and reading the message has an unmatched charm that definitely the new age digital invites lacks.

It is not junk

While the digital invite goes to the junk; physical invites are usually keepsakes. They are more than visual reminders. For most of us, they are souvenir’s and for a one-off event, they make the best choice.

They are just beautiful!

Where digital invites are quick and convenient, physical invites are personalised and have a charm of their own. They are classy and elegant and set the tone of the event just right. Gone are those days when paper invites had set templates. Now, one can go all out and show their creative flair by choosing/getting customised designs and send invites in style.


A physical invite adds so much more excitement and value to your big day. They are personalised, elegant, classy yet fun and informative. They definitely stand out for more intimate celebrations and events.

So, let’s make the tradition of sending beautiful physical invites live on. Let us help you make your dream wedding invite. All you have to do is get in touch with us for your card design and distribution requirements and then just sit back and chill!


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